Dr. Trevor Minton

Dr. Trevor Minton was born on the island of Kauai, and raised on the island of Oahu in a small town called Punalu’u. By small town, we mean no gas station, post office, or grocery store. Trevor was in and out of hospitals in his youth due to surfing, dirt biking, and skateboarding accidents

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During this time he started to admire the work of the hospital staff and wanted to get into health care. But after his closest friend went through low back surgery and was placed on multiple concoctions of painkillers and antipsychotic drugs to relieve his back pain, he knew that there must be a better way for people to heal properly.

Luckily his father had brought him to the chiropractor many times as a kid to keep his immune system functioning optimally and his nervous system clear of any interference. “Since then, regular Chiropractic visits were very important to me. I became pretty banged up early on in life from skateboarding, surfing, riding a dirt bike, and being the unfortunate passenger in a few car accidents. Keeping things functioning properly is always a goal of mine because I’d like to live my life pain-free, be an active father, and if possible, carry this into my 80s.”

Before being a Chiropractor, he studied Biology at the University of San Diego, getting his bachelor of Science. As a Chiropractor, he has traveled to remote areas of El Salvador and Jamaica to bring Chiropractic to the people of the countryside, where he has adjusted people of all ages, giving them a better quality of life.

He Graduated from Life West Chiropractic College right here in Hayward back in 2014 and has been running a successful practice in Walnut Creek, CA ever since. Dr. Trevor Minton approaches every person in his office with the knowledge and ability to get the job done. “No two people have the exact same issues. We all have different lives and different problems and since these back and neck issues arise from toxins, stress, and traumas, no level of combinations are exactly the same”.

When the Doc’s not in the office, he’s out surfing, free diving for rockfish, and ocean jewels, snowboarding, skateboarding, and hiking. When not actively doing these things, he’s spending time with his wife Anna, raising their daughter Elena, and playing fetch with their 2 Australian Heeler mutts, Kona and Mochi.